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Jumbo Cab

Jumbo Cab

Mini Dump

HD Dump

Crew Cab

Crew Cab



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  • TITLING: Get a title for financing or for ORV registration
  • FINANCING: Mini truck financing that’s fast and simple
  • CUSTOMIZATION: Customize your truck with our full line of ACCESSORIES

Mini Truck UTVs are the best tool for any job

Japanese mini trucks manufactured by Toyota’s division Daihatsu lead the way in performance, equipment, quality, price and longevity. Daihatsu Hijet and its Toyota Pixis and Subaru Sambar derivatives are the best all-season work UTV’s for sale today. Ready for any off-road job and in demand by farmers, outdoorsmen, hunters, municipalities and much more!

Push button hydraulic dump bed

5 speed manual or automatic transmission

HVAC & Enclosed Cab Standard

1,200 lb. Payload Capacity

Custom Options

Practical Dump Beds


All Terrain 4×4

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